February 27, 2005

WebRing Blues.

You may have noticed that recently I attempted to add this blog to the same webring to which my mother site, Pulse Like Water, belongs. Alas, to no avail. I received an email in response which stated, "The web site you submitted has been denied due to the reasons cited below by the RingMaster: I'm looking for clear ChristoPagan content on sites who wish to join this ring."


I am now seriously considering removing my original site from this ring (sadly)--though I have replied asking for clarification on the reasons for this blog's rejection. Is it because they do not generally accept blog sites? (I don't think so--there are several forum-like websites already listed.) Is it because the last few entries have been very obviously written from a Christian point of view, seeking to explain how the magical life is not restricted to self-labeled "pagans"? Hmm... We may be on to something.

After all, there are several sites on this ring that are almost exclusively Neopagan, including only passing references to Jesus or Mary as just another god/dess to pick from in the wide array of pantheons, most of which are dislodged from their original historical and geographic contexts due to a postmodern process known as "cultural borrowing" (I'm sorry, am I sounding bitter?). Yet these sites are not rejected as "too pagan." So why, I ask myself, is this blog unacceptable? Have I tried too hard to show the inner continuity of Christian thought and sacred magic? Have I done too good a job at making the Craft seem like a feasible part of Christian life, so that one may just as easily call herself a "Catholic Mage" as a "Christo-eclectic Pagan"?

Perhaps I'm over-reacting. I have been fighting a cold the past few days (and sickness does strange things to the mind, I hear). Perhaps part of me doesn't mind adding a little bitterness to spice up what is otherwise, I'd like to think, a rather cheerful and tolerant blog. It's my secret to keep or tell...

For now, I eagerly await this webring's reply. Meanwhile, perhaps I will quote the Catechism a little less, and obscure Indian poets a little more...


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