March 07, 2006

Poem : Bogen : Six at the Beginning Again

Six at the Beginning Again
    Hold to him in truth and loyalty;
    This is without blame.
    Truth, like a full earthen bowl:
    Thus in the end
    Good fortune comes from without.
    – I Ching

Love was, I thought, a fire
you set, or failed to set.
Those cold nomadic years,
scouring sand beneath
my feet, I hunted the earthen
bowl, fragile and lovely,

watching Ezekiel's wheel
turn the sky awake. But I
was wrong to think love was
fortune sprung from within,
deservingness stored up so
God could see. It was luck,

all of us fortune-cursed or bit
or blessed. One morning I woke
with the bowl in my hands,
this lover come from where?
Hold to him in truth and
loyalty. This is without blame.

- Deborah Bogen


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